“How do I sign up for your Golden Tee contests?”

Just swipe your GT player card, or credit card, on a Golden Tee Live at any participating location. That’s it!

But read on for some important information…

Participating Locations/Machines

The participating locations for the monthly contests are different than those for the Soiree/Tangle contests, so be sure you check the list of participating locations on their website pages before you head out to play.

Critera, Leaderboard & Winners Lists

Once you swipe your card, you are automatically entered into the contest that is currently running on that machine. Be sure to check the contest posters/website pages for all criteria and rules, and check back at the end of the contests to see if you won. For our monthly contests, we post the current leaderboard all month long each Monday and Friday, excluding holidays.

How to Get Your Prizes

For the monthly contests, prizes must be claimed  here:

> Claim your monthly prize

You do not have to claim prizes won from the Soiree/Tangle contest series – those are automatically delivered to you by your local operator at the location where you played.

8 thoughts on ““How do I sign up for your Golden Tee contests?””

  1. I have signed up twice for a GT CARD payed the two dollars for each and have not received it.
    I also have a club lucky card and can’t find out how to register it . Please help with info or the correct web site to contact. Thank you Ray Newbold

    • Hi Ray, if you have paid for a GT card, you must have ordered it straight from the manufacturer (goldentee.com). You should probably go to goldentee.com and look at their FAQ’s and see about getting in touch with them. For your Club Lucky card, you should also log into your account at goldentee.com and see if you can connect it to your current account. If you have more questions, please contact us.

  2. How do I join the link isn’t found when clicked I am playing on a machine that has your poster on it so I am betting it’s one of yours and I’ll be here for ten day and would like to join please contact me at 5024081434 I’m onehandyman on gt


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