Contest Rules

If you plan to compete in our contests, be sure you are registered for a player account at  If there is any question about the identity of the player, the player will be removed from the list of qualifiers, so register yourself now so we know who you are.  If you need registering, check out the FAQ page. If you need help determining your Persona ID to connect to your credit card, contact kim @ clubluckygroup. com.

There have been problems with players using multiple cards in one contest, which is clearly considered cheating in this contest. Cheaters will be banned from Club Lucky contests for 6 months.

I.T.'s Daily Contests and Invitationals are not included in Club Lucky contest data.

Players must be at least 21 years of age to win.

Players must compete in the current advertised contest at a participating Club Lucky location.

Players cannot play as someone else and must identify themselves by swiping a credit card, Golden Tee player card, or Silver Strike player card.

Players must use the same Persona ID for the entire contest; scores will not be combined.

Players can win only one prize per contest.

Players must fill out a W-9 each calendar year when culminating prize values are $600 or more.

Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash.

Prizes are non-transferable.

Prizes are subject to change.

Leaderboards posted on the video game screens are not final. Only leaderboards posted on the Club Lucky website shall be deemed final leaderboards, and only players listed as winners on the Club Lucky website will be awarded prizes. Leaderboards and final results can be found at

All prizes must be claimed here on the website.

Proper identification will be required when submitting a claim.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery/fulfillment.

By claiming your prizes you acknowledge:

1. You are the person who achieved the winning score in the game for which this claim is made and have not violated any contest rules;

2. You are of legal age;

3. You grant Club Lucky the right to use your name and image in any way connected with the advertising or marketing of Club Lucky contests or with the disclosure of winners of any Club Lucky contest, to the general public or otherwise; you release and agree to hold harmless Club Lucky operators and all acting with their authority from any liability for such use of your name or any other claim against them;

4. You will return any prize if obtained through cheating, fraud or rule-violation;

6. You will comply with all reasonable requests for verification of your winning score, including completing this form in its entirety, and performing a live skill test if so requested.

7. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from Club Lucky contests for 6 months.

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    • Hi John! All of our GT contests have a tiebreaker of Most Great Shot Points. And for contests where Most Great Shot Points are the main criteria, the tiebreaker is Most Golden Tee Points.


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