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Tournament of Champions 11 

  • January through September month-long contests
  • Leaderboards will be posted below each Monday and Friday, excluding holidays
  • Can play any course, any year, prize/stat/glory, 9 or 18 holes
  • I.T.’s Events, Daily Contests and Invitationals do not count
  • Tiebreaker will be GSP’s. Tiebreaker for GSP contests will be GTP’s
  • Please see Places to Play (above) for participating locations
  • A TOC 11 pass will be awarded to 1st & 2nd places in Jan, Feb and Mar. If 1st and/or 2nd already have passes, then 3rd, 4th and so on will get them until all 6 passes are awarded.

To play in our Monthly Contests, just swipe your GT Player Card on a Club Lucky Golden Tee Live!  Scores will not be combined, so be sure to use the same card each month.

2019 Leaderboard and Winners Lists

January: Golden Tee Points
(2 TOC 11 Passes!): Winners

February: Birdies and Better
(2 TOC 11 Passes!): Winners

March: Eagles and Better
(2 TOC 11 Passes!): Winners

April: Best 50 Game Average Score: Winners

May: Golden Tee Points: Winners

June: Great Shot Points: Winners

July: Birdies and Better: Winners

August: Eagles and Better: Winners

September: Golden Tee Points: Winners

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