Claim Your GT Prizes

Thanks for playing Golden Tee Live with Club Lucky!

Complete the form below to claim prizes for 2020 Monthly contests  and 2019 Monthly Contests (no need to claim Soiree/Tangle gift cards). Depending on your operator, your gift card will be mailed to you or delivered to the location where you play. You can also opt for email delivery with most gift cards. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

You may choose any gift card that can be ordered online, excluding visa/mc/amex. Prizes must be claimed within 1 year of the end of the contest.

Some examples of gift card choices:

Golden Tee (plastic card only)
Best Buy
Gas Station
Southwest Airlines

It’s okay to put more than 1 prize claim on a form – go for it!  

Golden Tee Live Prize Claim

  • It can be a GT gift card or any gift card that can be ordered online, excluding Visa/MC/Amex.
    Please note, not all retailers offer email gift cards (but most do). Golden Tee gift cards cannot be emailed.