February Tangle Prelims


Golfers – Preliminary results for the February Tangle are posted! These results will be final on Friday if there are no valid objections. Thanks for coming out to play!

Rank Player Total Golden Tee Points
1 TRY HARDER 313,424
3 SONNY  236,576
4 MEOW CHOPPER *. 192,975
5 KEJO RISIN ‘. 167,651
6 BIG JOE 160,233
7 FRED… 143,578
9 OH! WTF! 120,694
10 NOTHING OVER 30 106,065
11 DRUNKNMUNKY !. 99,351
12 GROLSCH 82,297
13 TOUGH CROWD .. 79,948
14 MONKEY HOUSE 25.23 78,221
15 TODD D. 77,401

Continued: http://www.clubluckygroup.com/golden-tee-live/soiree-tangle/february-tangle/

Tomorrow is the Tangle

4th-Tue-logoWanna come out and play Golden Tee tomorrow for a chance to win a GT gift card? Just play a minimum of 3 games TOMORROW FEB 25 (18 holes on any course) at one of our participating locations. Contest begins at 7am and ends at midnight.

Visit the 2nd Saturday Soiree & 4th Tuesday Tangle page to find out where to play and see all rules, criteria and payouts.


How to get a TOC 12 Pass

Tournament of Champions 12

Oct 23-25, 2019
Pitchers Pub
323 W Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI 53713

How to Get a TOC Pass

  • Complete 250 rounds on a Club Lucky machine between Jan 1 and Sep 30, 2020 (mandatory for all competitors).
  • Find out how your local operator plans to award their 3 passes and let them know you want to go.
  • Win 1st or 2nd place in our Jan, Feb and Mar monthly contests.
  • Put your name on the Wait List, as Club Lucky will have additional passes to award later in the year

Visit the TOC 12 page for all pass and event info. Hope to see you there!

“How do I sign up for your Golden Tee contests?”

Just swipe your GT player card, or credit card, on a Golden Tee Live at any participating location. That’s it!

But read on for some important information…

Participating Locations/Machines

The participating locations for the monthly contests are different than those for the Soiree/Tangle contests, so be sure you check the list of participating locations on their website pages before you head out to play.

Critera, Leaderboard & Winners Lists

Once you swipe your card, you are automatically entered into the contest that is currently running on that machine. Be sure to check the contest posters/website pages for all criteria and rules, and check back at the end of the contests to see if you won. For our monthly contests, we post the current leaderboard all month long each Monday and Friday, excluding holidays.

How to Get Your Prizes

For the monthly contests, prizes must be claimed  here:

> Claim your monthly prize

You do not have to claim prizes won from the Soiree/Tangle contest series – those are automatically delivered to you by your local operator at the location where you played.

Congratulations, Mark & Todd!

A BIG Congratulations to TOC 11 Champ Mark Stenmark (Suqit, Houston, TX) & purple bracket Champ Todd Clarke (Bakon, Newark, DE)! 🎉

It was a great event, thank you all for coming! And thank you to those who pitched in to help at any given time … it really does take a village and we appreciate the Club Lucky golfer community!

A big thank you to Bullseye Mary and Pitcher’s Pub for hosting this event and taking good care of us throughout the weekend. You’re the best! 🌟

TOC 11 Live Stream

Golfers – Be sure and tune into the LIVE STREAM provided by GoldenTeeTV. Doubles rounds have begun and will be streamed here: https://www.youtube.com/goldenteetv

Doubles bracket

The Gold bracket is in place! And will begin tomorrow at 10a central.

Purple Bracket tourney will begin on Sunday at 9a central.

Schedule of Events

Saturday Oct 19 – Qualifying & Doubles
9am to 1pm: 5 Course Qualifier (finish up any last qualifying)
2pm to 11pm: A/B Doubles Event (A/B is determined by qualifying scores)

Sunday Oct 20 – Singles
9am to finish: Purple Bracket
10am to finish: Gold Bracket
We should be done late afternoon