TOC 5 Confirmed Competitors

The following are confirmed for attendance.  If we still need a W-9 from you, please register for an account at and enter your Social Security Number.  If you already have an account, login, choose ‘Your Profile’ and then choose ‘Click Here to Submit Your W-9 Form for 2013.’  If y.ou have any trouble, please contact kim

Alan Schultz – need W-9
Andy Fox – need W-9
Brian Bernhardt
Brian Schwanz  – need W-9
Bryan Birmingham – need W-9
Bryan Riney – need W-9
Chad Dougherty
Danny Beall
David Crawford
David Stout
Eric Davis
Gary Jefferies – need W-9
George Von K
Heath Moidel – need W-9
James McKulik – need W-9
Jeff Goode
Jeff Lannen
Joe Martinez
John Newman
John Thurston
Keith Benefield
Ken Lewis
Kevin Boulton – need W-9
Marc Muklewicz
Mark Stenmark
Matt Seguin
Matt Welter
Max Manning – need W-9
Michael Czarnik – need W-9
Michael Hiser – need W-9
Mike Cannon
Miller Montz
Nate Ball – need W-9
Patrick O’Neill
Paul Luna
Rio Dominguez – need W-9
Robert Tully Jr – need W-9
Roger Weyh – need W-9
Ron Elwood
Sonny Tunstall
Steve Massey
Stuart Fox
Tate Powers – need W-9
Toby West
Tom Brammer – need W-9
Tracy Ferris – need W-9
Vaughn Heym

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